Dream team: six ways to motivate your employees
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14 July 2020

Dream team: six ways to motivate your employees

Everyone knows that the a well-selected team, which will later grow into a cohesive group, is a formula for success for almost any business. Gathering top specialists is just the first step. The next stage is providing effective motivation for every one of them.

We often see cases, when a new employee shows excellent results during the first six months: with eyes ablaze, lots of energy and ideas. This is proved by their attitude to work. But over time, they begin to fade. And it is not about the results, which can still be good, but a significant change in approach. Of course, a final result is critical for any leader. But every good leader wants to achieve not only a good result, but also a proper attitude of employees to their work.

And here motivation comes to the forefront. There are lots of tangible and intangible instruments to motivate the team, used by all Russian and international companies. It is important to understand and select motivation methods applicable for different employees. A skill to "feel" your team is one of the most critical features for a leader.

You should study in detail every motivation method applicable for the whole team and for individual employees. Let's start with intangible methods, which can be as effective and useful as tangible ones.


Support and recognition

This method is the most common and psychologically effective tool for motivation of employees. If work is well done, you should recognize it. Focus on professional and personal qualities of the employee, which helped them to achieve excellent results. There is an opinion among managers: "Why should I praise an employee if this work is part of their job description and they must do it anyway"? This approach is certainly wrong and sometimes can lead to quite unexpected consequences. When the employee feels their importance and significance for the team, knows and realizes that their skills and professionalism are critical and help to achieve good results, only then this employee can be called motivated. Everyone has clear job descriptions. However, if the employee is appropriately motivated, they are always ready to exceed a regulation scope and go an extra mile, if required. This approach to work is greatly appreciated.


Work-life balance

Nowadays, almost all candidates prioritize work-life balance when applying for a job in any company. This is critical specifically for Generation Z, which puts comfort before any remuneration. Overtime work and urgent projects, which take more time than usual, are a common event in every company. The manager has to understand that physical fading and fatigue can quickly lead to demotivation of employees. This, in turn, leads to decline in efficiency. The manager has to know that employees can only be efficient, when such balance is established and prioritized. Distribute tasks throughout the whole period so that overtime work is minimized. Colleagues should see that they are treated by the manager not as machines performing their tasks 24/7, but as human beings. We see a shift on the scale of significant work aspects: when the manager shows that the work-life balance is important for them, they will score points with the whole team.


Honesty and openness

Talk with your team. Regularly provide feedback and not only unilaterally, but based on 360° principle when your employee can give you their feedback too. This approach will help to create understanding that every team member is important and will be heard. Understatement often leads to intrigues, behind-the-scenes games and gossip, which are unacceptable for a "healthy" team. The skill to communicate with your team, give proper feedback and assess the feedback of employees will lead to tangible results. Use the "open door" method as the basis, when all team members can freely communicate with each other, including top management of the company. This approach, which is used by many European companies, creates comfortable work environment that, in turn, is the most important condition for achieving efficient results.


Permit criticism of you

Constructive reasonable feedback can be used as an important tool for motivation of employees. This aspect arises from the previous one. Sometimes we see that the employee is afraid of overstepping the bound and honestly informing their manager about the aspects they are not satisfied with not only regarding work processes, but also the manager's approaches. It is important to explain to all team members that constructive criticism related to professional performance is as important for the manager as a praise for the employee. Young managers are often oversensitive to criticism and prefer to establish relationships based on the subordination principle. Such approach absolutely cannot be efficient. The principle of openness implies a skill to listen, accept and correct your approach, when necessary. The manager's professional maturity is also determined by their ability to accept criticism without changing attitude to the employee.


Invest in your employees

Specialized educational courses, master classes, and trainings in Russia and abroad are undeniably advantageous for employee motivation. It is important for broadening horizons and familiarization with best international experience. When the employee sees that the company is ready to invest in them, recognize them as a valuable specialist and "nurture", they get a powerful stimulus and energy to keep going and yield good results. The manager should give the employee a chance to select a suitable training for themselves. You should not limit the employee only to their profession. First of all, every acquired skill should be helpful in work, as well as encourage broadening of horizons and networking contacts of the employee.


Talk about work at work

We all have certain periods in life which affect our mood and determine our daily mindset and attitude. The manager should always remember that their mood can have a direct impact on the team. So, it is important to make an effort and come to work with a positive attitude and show that all problems can be solved despite the challenges. People should feel that they are all developing one successful project with you, and that you are a true leader and a role model for them. You should clearly make a distinction between your personal life and work and not allow their mutual impact. Of course, this ability can often be classified as a superpower, but it is what helps to create a balance and draw clear distinct lines between your work and personal life.

Financial motivation is undeniably important for every employee. Our mind is often tuned so that we are used to assessing our results in a certain equivalent. No company is capable of constantly motivating employees using exclusively financial methods. Therefore, it is very important to skillfully combine two motivation types and understand which one to use in every individual case.



Ekaterina Petrova

Ekaterina Petrova
Managing director of GenerationS

Source: marieclaire.ru

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