Russian technologies for export: how VR Concept conquers the world
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
7 June 2022

Russian technologies for export: how VR Concept conquers the world

The current economic and political situation in Russia, oddly enough, opens up new export opportunities for local companies. Cooperation with Europe is now difficult, but many Asian and Middle Eastern countries are open to partnership with Russia. Moreover, under the current conditions, Russian manufacturers and suppliers have a chance, if not to replace, then at least to significantly supplement the list of players in some markets where the influence of American and European companies is traditionally strong.

One of the Russian startups that decided to take advantage of the situation and reorient its sales to the east is VR Concept. This is an IT startup, that became one of the first developers of virtual reality technologies for the Russian industry. In 2019, the VR Concept team became a resident of Skolkovo and got its first customers in Europe, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent events brought to naught all efforts to enter this market. China, South Korea, India and the United Arab Emirates have become much more promising for the company.

Source: национальныепроекты.рф

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