HepyScreen: "We provide quick and easy diagnostics without pain"
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2 December 2014

HepyScreen: "We provide quick and easy diagnostics without pain"

"HepyScreen – breath screener for Helicobacteriosis diagnostics" entered the top ten medical projects of GenerationS-2014. The innovative diagnostic screener is able to check the patient for the presence of Helicobacter pylori infection – the main causative agent of stomach cancer, – and present diagnostics results within 5 minutes. The project founder Alexander Kozlov: "We really want that the outpatient clinics of our great country could help people quickly and comfortably."


Our company exists for three years, but we started our business with the partners who we have been working with for 10 years. Each of us has a certain sector of responsibility which depends on professional specialization.

We are a multidisciplinary team that satisfies all the demand of a start-up for highly qualified specialists. We develop technological diagnostic procedures, electronics, technical documentation; we process biomedical information, create programs for processors and computers, participate in marketing and PR.

We want that the services provided by district polyclinics of our vast country become comfortable for patients. For this purpose medical institutions should be equipped with modern diagnostic equipment for mass screening. Now impermissibly much time is spent on diagnostics. But we have already produced dozens of screener, including products for export. Today these are demonstration samples, but they are serial screeners which look adequately at the background of the best samples of foreign medical equipment. The market potential is huge: we offer our equipment for primary health care institutions, and these are the most extensive networks in the world. Our target customers are polyclinics, general practitioners' offices and private medical centres.

All patients who had undergone diagnosis using the HepyScreen noted that it was "quick, easy and not painful." Aspiration to increase comfort, and reduce discomfort during medical procedures is one of the most important trends of medicine development at the current stage. I believe that innovations are not only technical solutions, but also a new level of attitude to the patient. After all, the main reason why so many serious diseases are revealed in the later stages, is that people experience discomfort during the diagnosis, and therefore do not want and are afraid of visiting a doctor and undergoing examination.

Development of HepyScreen is my entire life. I began to seriously pursue the search for new solutions for medical technologies when I was a student; I had very good teachers who "infected" me with this idea. Since then I have been accumulating knowledge and experience to create something that people really need. Based on the idea a prototype was developed, and then followed years of improvements. My project occupied all my thoughts and my time. I think all my colleagues will confirm that each invention is a huge bunch of mental energy in combination with a fair dream to make the world a little bit easier and better. Life of inventor is difficult, but interesting.

The main resource for a production start-up that helps to get started is people. For the first few years a team of associates works on their project day and night for free. All economists know that labour costs often become the largest part in product cost. It is also very important that members of the team consisting of several people have high qualifications, experience and a number of adjacent knowledge and skills. I think that such "universal" professionals can achieve success in innovative business. Everybody goes through the times when you need to do everything by yourself. You spend your intelligence efforts and time, but it's worth it. And the most important thing &ndaash; you should learn all the time: read, listen and see – and apply the tips of world business legends.

We can say that GenerationS found us. We were invited to participate in the StartUp Lynch to the St. Petersburg business incubator "Ingria". So happened that in the same place there was held a presentation of the federal accelerator competition. We have applied and – full steam ahead!

I am very grateful to the organizers of the competition for an effective program and excellent lecturers. A good specialist is learning for all his life, so I got a real pleasure. My competence has increased dramatically. We also got a perfect gift – an invitation to the acceleration program in Singapore, where we are working now. This is another huge step forward, a powerful impetus to development.

Now we are working with RVC Biofund and several other institutions. One month has passed since the competition – and this is too short a period to get investment. Everything that has been done so far, done at the expense of the funders.

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