3Plet Publishing – is, probably, a new standard of music albums publication
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14 December 2014

3Plet Publishing – is, probably, a new standard of music albums publication

A platform for release of music albums as separate mobile applications with audio tracks, pictures, song lyrics and other materials, 3Plet Publishing rightly entered the top ten IT-projects at the GenerationS 2014. The team has big plans – to create a new global standard for recording music albums. The co-founder of the project Valery Mifodovsky told me what will soon happen with the 3Plet Publishing.

We consider the start of the 3Plet from the spring of 2013 – from this moment triplet albums began to appear on the iOS and Android platforms. This gave us the opportunity to "cover" the maximum number of mobile devices for musicians. We started the project with Vlad Davydov. Now he is responsible for the international development of the company, and I – for operational issues. I hold a degree in management: I always liked to not only to create, but also to implement projects, to deal with what is now called innovations and creativity.

The idea of finding a form for digital albums is already 8-9 years old. I've been working on this issue for a long time. About 7 years ago, we tried to develop a version of a digital album for desktop computers, and four years ago – the first version of albums in the form of an application called AppBum. These attempts helped me to better understand what a triplet album should be like. We have implemented the new knowledge in the current version of 3Plet. Today the albums have only 30-40% of the required functionality. We have serious plans for development of the product and the platform.

We have big ambitions: we want to become a new industry standard of Musical Release. We are ready to offer musicians a full-fledged replacement for CDs, the possibility of self-publishing of albums in the form of an application with bright design and rich functionality, available worldwide. I would like to preserve the album culture - it is important for musicians and thoughtful listeners who can get cultural experience and emotions through the music, and do not perceive it just as a background for their life.

It was Internet Initiatives Development Fund who recommended us to apply for participation in the GenerationS. Now we understand that it was a very correct and timely advice. This happened last spring. We thought that participation will allow us to come into the view of venture capital funds and business angels. Keeping in mind the recommendations of mentors, we participated in a number of other competitions, for example, in the final of the "Startup of the Year" in the "Global startup" category. In addition, we won the Russian stage of the international competition Creative Business Cup and represented the country at the international final in Denmark.

The training was intense and rewarding. We got used to the dynamic mode of work, and it was not difficult to keep it during the GenerationS. We liked that everything was very well organized. However our tracker Natasha Mushkareva worried about us more than we did.

In the nearest future we are going to release several triplet-albums of top Russian and foreign artists. To date we have published the triplet-albums of the bands "Mummy Troll", BrainStorm, singers Ivan Dorn and Noize MC. There are artists from America, France, Serbia, Finland, Estonia and other releases – for "Greenpeace" and the New Moscow, for example. In the next year we hope to raise investment and enhance the product and its platform, as well as to set up extensive activities in America and Europe. In this regard a prize of 1 million rubles for each finalist of the GenerationS appeared very helpful. We have not received it yet, and currently dealing with procedural matters, but it's nice to know that we have it.

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