"Vezet vsem": how the IT-track project-finalist is developing
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15 December 2014

"Vezet vsem": how the IT-track project-finalist is developing

A team of the project "Vezet vsem" – a finalist of GenerationS – plans to make the market of cargo transportation in Russia and other countries as clear and transparent as possible. This online service solves the problem on transportation of private and commercial cargoes; sending a request takes one minute, you can use the service to know the prices in advance, to discuss all the details of future transaction and save up to 70% of the transportation cost. Ivan Plastun, a co-founder of "Vezet vsem", explained why he considers the project a combination of ideas and coincidences.

Since the start of the project in 2011 our team has undergone significant changes. For example, the staff increased from 3 to 20 people. And in 2015 we intend to expand our ranks are at least twice. Our project has three founders - Anton Konovalov, Alexey Kozlov and me, and the team also includes technical department and support service.

Our project can be called a successful fusion of ideas and coincidences. Alexey Kozlov an me, being students, were engaged in the development and maintenance of small regional sites and have long wanted to take on larger forms. Then the idea of "Vezet Vsem" appeared – it was a project relevant to the market, with an interesting model of implementation. At the same time, Anton Konovalov who has already had extensive experience in the logistics business and was a director of a company engaged in transportation, was thinking of a similar project and was looking for a young team capable to implement it. Fate brought us together at one of the innovative exhibitions in Rostov-on-Don. We came to the conclusion that each person, at least once, has planned transportation of his belongings and faced some typical problems: lack of clear information on prices, slurred reviews about the service quality, tiresome need to ring round the logistics companies and have similar conversations with their employees - and we decided to start work on "Vezet Vsem".

Our goal is to make the market of cargo transportation transparent, understandable and convenient for all interested parties to the extent possible. Now we are concentrated on changes in the Russian market and are thinking about "touching upon" the CIS.

Our team believes that the level of education confirmed by a diploma is great, but self-development on a daily basis is not less important. We can say that we are discovering new aspects of online business altogether, every day.

Our path to the final of GenerationS was quite difficult – two years our project did not get even into the semi-finals of Web Ready. For te third time we gathered ourselves up, demonstrated our metrics – they have become impressive - prepared a beautiful presentation competently reflecting our strengths. And we managed to become the winner of the competition among start-ups Web Ready, which automatically gave us a ticket to the final of GenerationS.

There was nothing complicated for us at the competition. Nice organizers, very strong participants, competently matched group of experts – all this created a great atmosphere. The most important thing was not to "talk away" and to present the project as if it was for the first time.

My supposedly three-day trip to the final of Web Ready stretched to two weeks. Final of the competition took place in the "Skolkovo", and I flew there from my hometown – Rostov-on-Don. I had to stay in Moscow – at first because we were among the semi-finalists, and then - in the list of finalists of GenerationS. I had only a shirt, a jacket and a sweater with me – so, I became a regular visitor to dry cleaning services!

Next year we are planning to grow many times on key indicators – revenue, turnover, number of incoming and executed orders. In addition we plan site redesign, extension of the team and creation of several competitive tools. Follow our project, it will be even more interesting!

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